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EXCLUSIVE: Andy Kindler Talks Comedy, Fame, and his Dislike of Louis C.K.

In advance of JFL42 in Toronto, Kindler shares his insights on the comedy industry, explains why he can’t stand Adam Sandler, Ricky Gervais, and Louis C.K., and gives advice to aspiring comedians.

By: Ashley Ramnarain

Published: September 9th, 2014 in Culture » Stage » Interviews

Whether or not you remember him as Andy from Everybody Loves Raymond or as that comedian always appearing on Letterman, Andy Kindler is definitely one of those comedians who isn’t afraid to air his grievances – especially if they happen to involve other people. Taking time from his busy schedule, that includes being the voice of Mort on Bob’s Burgers and attending the 2014 Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Andy Kindler took some time to talk about the general world of comedy.

One of the first things Kindler touches on almost immediately, of course, is his grievances with and dislike for other comedians.

“One of the things is I’ve noticed a theme in my own comedy over the year – I tend to get more upset at people who I actually at one point either liked a lot or had a lot of potential,” Andy Kindler told Shalom Life, before adding, “So, like, I used to go after Adam Sandler a lot in my act, because I used to think he was the greatest stand-up and then he went and started making terrible movies – so I felt like almost compelled to comment on it.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the comedy world, then you definitely know that Kindler had one (or a few) things to say about certain comedians – like Jay Leno, Louis C.K, Adam Sandler and even Jimmy Fallon – during the 2014 Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. It isn’t surprising to find a comedian who is willing to make fun of other comedians, but a quick look at Kindler’s Twitter page tells us all we need to know. As of late, and of particular interest, is his blatant dislike for Ricky Gervais – which anyone with a Twitter account can see for themselves.

“I was such a huge fan of the British Office – I loved it. I even loved Extras. But when I started to see [Ricky Gervais’] personality and – just like – on his special he does twenty minutes about how much he hates obese people. [There’s] just a mean spirited quality to him that [was only] funny when it was the character on the British Office,” was how Kindler explained his dislike for Gervais.

“Also, I find the radical atheism – to me, many people I find are atheists and that’s fine, but the idea that if you’re not an atheist you’re some kind of idiot – that really, really bothers me. I think it’s a very dangerous movement because people – not [Ricky Gervais] so much, but the people he listens to – like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, they’re all really getting to this thing where they say all religion is bad and Islam is worst and to me, nothing good can come of [it]. You’re not going to stop terrorism by saying ‘well, by the way your whole religion is screwed up’. Nothing good can come from that conversation.”

In addition, Kindler lets it be known that he can’t stand a man who gloats and parades around his success.

“The other thing about Ricky Gervais is just the constant, shameless, on-going, self-promotion that never stops and these other accounts, like Ricky Gervaid fan art, Derek TV show. And so he’s constantly RT-ing his own stuff as if it’s a pleasant surprise. And talk about someone who is obviously invested but he’s always talking about how he lives in a mansion – to the point where it’s funny if it’s the character on the office but sounds like it’s more, actually, him bragging about how rich he is. He seems like a very, very unpleasant person.”

But The Office actor isn’t the only big comedian out there that Kindler has a bone to pick with. In fact, right up there next to Gervais is primetime Emmy nominee Louis C.K.

“Louis C.K I’ll give you as an example where the guy is obviously extremely funny but then sometimes there’s something gratuitous about [it]. You know, when something is so graphic it can be funny to be graphic, or it can be gratuitous,” said Kindler about his dislike for Louis C.K, later adding that, “Because Louis C.K was anointed the greatest comedian ever, or whatever, now he’s able to do a show. I get that [the show] doesn’t have to be just a comedy or just a drama but, now it’s like there’s nothing going on.”

Find out which comedian Andy Kindler actually loves on the next page!

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