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The Greatest Jewish Video Game Characters Ever

Mario, Link or Master Chief might not be Jewish, but others are. Seriously.

By: David Shear

Published: August 2nd, 2012 in Business » World

The Greatest Jewish Video Game Characters Ever

Jewish characters have long been a vital part of popular culture, flexing their muscles on television, in films, even portraying a variety of superheroes. But one manifestations of popular culture that seems to have evaded us so far is the video game.

Even though video games have been part of pop-culture for more than three decades, and have recently become the most profitable entertainment industry in North America, surpassing even Hollywood, there have never been any prominent Jewish characters in any games.

Shalom Life has rummaged through our virtual attic looking through generations of console games, from the NES, to the Sega Master System to the Xbox 360, PS3 and everything in between, and came up with a list which, in some cases, can be called, ummm….assumptive, but mostly entertaining.

So until Master Chief takes off his helmet to reveal some payos and a beard, this is a good as it gets.

Honorary Jew:


Pokemon has nothing Jewish about it, unless you want to believe the Saudi Arabian government which has banned the game for alleged Zionist reference, in particular the use of the Star of David by one of the characters. Of course, the other Pokemon character which uses a swastika as a shield is completely ignored by them (As a note, Swastikas are good luck charms in the Far East, so I don’t believe there is any intentional anti-Semitic message here).

Top 5 Jewish Video Game Characters:

Jonathan Klebitz – GTA IV

There is no mistaking Johnny Klebitz’s Jewishness. The developer of Grand Theft Auto wanted to make sure you knew Johnny was Jewish by giving him such catchy and creative nicknames as “Johnny The Jew” and “Klebitz The Heeb”.

Subtle, no?

Johnny appears as a character in GTA IV and the GTA expansions “The Ballad of Gay Tony” as a supporting character, and the protagonist of “The Lost and Damned”. Johnny was born in 1974 in Acter, Alderney, to a Jewish family and is the President of The Lost Brotherhood biker gang. Without knowing Johnny’s mom, we can only assume she doesn’t brag about this son at her weekly bridge games.

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