Qnext - The Mobile Killer App

Shalom Life gets an exclusive first look at the next revolutionary iPhone application.
By: David Kahn
Published: December 21st, 2009 in Business » Local
Pic: Courtesy Qnext

Recently I was given the chance to be the first person to test the near final version of the Qnext iPhone application and I walked away extremely impressed.

Just as the internet transformed our lives, devices that allow real-time connectivity, communication and collaboration will be leading the next revolution. Today we use many applications, social networks, web services, personal computers, mobile & electronic devices with various operating systems and networks. In most cases the applications are not compatible and cannot communicate with each other. We’ve likely all experienced frustration, difficulties and loss of productivity when we navigate in this non-compatible environment.

Users demand real-time rich, interactive and entertaining experiences that are familiar, intuitive and can be seamlessly accessed across the spectrum of consumer and business devices from local and cloud networks.

Qnext is a product that was designed and developed by a Canadian company located in Toronto. Oren Asher, the company's founder and CEO, was the founder and former Executive Chairman of MGI Software Corp, a public company that first popularized digital photography and video editing software (PhotoSuite and VideoWave). Qnext claims to address exactly what the market and users have been waiting for, a solution that unifies communications and media sharing for mobile and desktop users, by converging mobile, computers and networks with an all-in-one integrated solution.

The Qnext solution includes a desktop client that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux which provides advance communication and sharing capabilities between computers, and a mobile version, which can run together or independently from the desktop client, which provides most of the desktop client capacities. While the desktop client has been available for a while and has gone through various revisions and improvements, it’s the mobile version which is of real interest. 

The iPhone version that I tested comes in two versions an app that needs to be installed on the device and a clientless version that doesn’t require any installation. Both the app and the clientless app have the same features.

When I first started Qnext I had the option to sign into multiple Instant Messenger (IM) programs such as Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, iChat and MSN. Qnext also supports its own IM program to facilitate features that are not available with the others such as 192 bit encryption for data communication. I also used the import email contacts feature which supports Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and Gmail. My contacts from the various IMs appeared in one contact list with all the typical features of IMs such as view presence and state of each user (online, offline, do not disturb, etc.). Using the Qnext desktop client I created a “Qnext Zone” consider a zone as an area that holds shared content. The zone creation is simple, all I had to do is drag the content that I wanted to share and the name of the contacts I wanted to share with. Immediately after I created the zone I was able to see the listing of the shared zones that I created and others that are shared with me. With one click I managed to play music, view photos and files directly from my and anyone else’s computers that shared with me. I easily viewed and zoomed into word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF documents and listened to iTunes, Media Player & Winamp playlists directly from my computer. I was pleasantly surprised from the overall performance and speed and when compared to some of the other multi-IM application out there such as Beejive, Qnext is clearly ahead.

Although the Qnext desktop client supports 8-way voice and 4-way video conferencing, it is not supported in the mobile client but will be enabled in the future. Additional features included in the desktop client are drag and drop file transfer of any size, remote PC access and shared applications and instant remote assist. In addition users can instantly share with no file size limit unlimited number of files, documents, presentations, videos, photos, and music streaming to anyone through a standard web browser – even if the recipient does not have Qnext installed.

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Qnext - The Mobile Killer App

Shalom Life gets an exclusive first look at the next revolutionary iPhone application.

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