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Israeli Startups Collectively Raised Over $900 Million Last Week

Various startups in Israel raised $910 million through acquisitions and funding rounds in a seven-day period

By: Viva Sarah Press

Published: January 30th, 2015 in Business » Israel

Photo: Tel Aviv at night

Acquisitions and funding rounds are de rigueur for the Israeli startup arena but even veterans and VC experts were astounded to see blue-and-white tech ring up over $900 million in a seven-day spread last week.

Amazon’s purchase of Annapurna Labs, the Yokneam-based semiconductor company, for $370 million was the largest of the deals. The acquisition marked Amazon’s first purchase in Israel.

HARMAN paid $200 million for mobile software management company, Red Bend Software.

Dropbox picked up CloudOn to a tune of $150 million.

Microsoft acquired equivio, text analysis software developer, for $50 million.

Geektime’s infographic of Israel’s phenomenal successes in one week. (

Alibaba also set the cash register ringing with its investment in Israeli company, Visualead. The giant Chinese online marketplace infused a reported $5 million into the Herzliya company that makes a visual QR Code generator.

Other big funding rounds included cloud-based testing company Ravello Systems raising $28 million; AppsFlyer app promotion campaign tracker raising $20 million; patient monitor startup EarlySense raising $20 million; Fintech startup BlueVine securing $18.5 million, and trend tracker TayKey raising $15 million.

Smaller funding rounds included recruitment advertising firm RealMatch shoring up $8 million and insert, mobile software platform, raising $5 million in seed money.

Amazon’s first Israeli purchase

“One of the ways for multinationals to expand their presence globally and specifically in the Israeli market is through acquisitions. We know that Amazon has been looking for a long time at the Israeli market. We think [their purchase] is the first of many. We’re glad to see Dropbox coming in. And we won’t be surprised if the others continue to come in and the ones already present in the market continue to invest,” Gil Canaani, an associate at Canaan Partners and Managing Director of the Young Venture Capitalists Forum, tells ISRAEL21c.

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Various startups in Israel raised $910 million through acquisitions and funding rounds in a seven-day period

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