Israeli Commandos in the Streets of Cairo

Published: January 30th 2011
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Protester during the Egyptian riots

Iran is satisfied


There is no doubt that the Iranian mad regime is absolutely satisfied with the recent events in Egypt. In the Iranian eyes, Egypt is seen as a puppet controlled by "Big Satan" (America) and manipulated by "Little Satan" (Israel).


The Iranian dream is that the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty will collapse and Israel will find itself surrounded by another hostile Muslim state with a formidable army.


Lies from the library of the Holocaust deniers


The Iranian formal media reported earlier that Israeli secret agents and Commando forces are among the protestors and that they are deliberately creating riots and preventing the city from returning back to order.


Another idiotic and ridiculous lie is the Iranian analysis of Omar Suleiman. According to the Iranians, the newly nominated Egyptian Vice-President and the head of the Egyptian intelligence is the main coordinator of the "Zionist Regime". The Iranians claim that Suleiman's nomination is a "Green" light for the Israelis to intervene with the Egyptians interior matters.


The Iranians claim that an "eye witness" has contacted them by telephone. The "eye witness" reported that there are some weird activities in Cairo and also unexplained murders attributed to the Israeli Commandos. 


The truth


The truth is that nobody really knows what exactly is happening in Egypt. Nobody knows where the president is and nobody knows who is in control of the country, if anybody is at this point.


The greatest Israeli concern is that a change of regime in Egypt will bring instability in the short term and may cause the collapse of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and even lead to another military conflict in the region.


In an Iranian point of view the collapse of the Mubarak regime and the rise of the "Muslim Brothers" will be a strategic victory against the West and in their long-term political and military campaign against the Jewish State.


The Iranians will take maximum advantage of the current situation and will urge Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas to fill the vacuum. Israel may find itself in its most difficult time since the 1948 independence war.




The dust is still very thick around Egypt and the misinformation that's arriving from the almost paralyzed media is not enough to assess the real situation in the strongest Arab state. We all know that Egypt has changed forever. Nobody really knows whether it will still be Mubarak in power, one of his successor, the Muslim Brothers or an unexpected street leader. All of us have to be patient and wait for the dust to settle.

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