Jewdyssee - This Aint Your Parents Old Yiddish Music

This German duo is out to prove that Yiddish music can be made modern and cool

Bedouin Soundclash Contest Interview

Shalom Life recently held a contest for a lucky fan to interview Bedouin Soundclash backstage before their concert in Toronto

Shalom Life Interviews Rap Star Mac Miller

Shalom Life recently had a chance to interview Mac Miller and talk about his new album, favorite Jewish food, and making a Hanukkah song with Drake.

Exclusive Interview with Omri Casspi

Interview with Israeli born, NBA Star, Casspi

Interview w/ NJ Nets Star Jordan Farmar

Exclusive Shalom Life interview with New Jersey Nets star Jordan Farmar

Hip Hop Chanukah with Chabad Flamingo

Megan Boys Entertainment present Hip Hop Chanukah

White Sox’ Kevin Youkilis Pleased by Game’s Time Change for

The third baseman has never played a game on Yom Kippur

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Actor & Hip Hop Sensation, Khleo Thomas

Khleo warmed our hearts as Zero in Disney’s ‘Holes’, and continues to spread the love today with his music. The ‘Too Many Girls’ MC sat down to SL to discuss his Jewish heritage, upcoming album, and his necklace line, ‘Love Wings’.

Israel’s WBC Qualifier Roster Leaked

MLB all-star Shawn Green and fellow outfielder Gabe Kapler headline the 28 player roster

Rosh Hashanah Recipes From Celebrity Chefs

Spice up your holiday meal with some unique twists on traditional favorites from Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Michael Symon, and more!

Israeli Filmmaker at the Centre of Egypt and Libyan Riots

Israeli writer and director of Innocence of Muslims, Sam Bacile, calls Islam a Cancer

Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Faked Persona and Lied to Media

Sam Bacile is Neither Israeli nor Jewish

Take Responsibility for Your Own

The 19 year old sophomore sat on the exam table looking at the floor. A college student with obvious charm

The Stanford Prison Experiment at

In 1971, researchers set up a prison in the basement of Stanford University's Psychology Department. The idea was to

U.S. vs. Europe: Health Care

As I have tried to make abundantly clear the United States is the only country in the industrialized world that

Hands Off America

Alright, that does it.Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have been willing to do their part for

Fat Returns After Liposuction ...

A study appeared in a journal titled “Obesity” which was reported by a group from the University of Colorado. In

What does Victory Look Like?

Sixty-five years ago today, World War II officially came to an end. On September 2, 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister

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Posted on 2012.08.30 by Leonard Carl in Culture » TV » News
All Good Things Must Come to an End
Edon Pinchot eliminated from America's Got Talent
Posted on 2012.08.29 by Sammy Hudes in Culture » Society » News
Israeli Lacrosse Team Qualifies for 2014 World Championship
Israeli squad finished 8th place in European Championship
Posted on 2012.08.28 by David Shear in Culture » TV » News
AGT Semifinals Finally Start and Edon Doesn’t Disappoint
The 14 year-old musical prodigy hopes to be one of...
Posted on 2012.08.24 by Leonard Carl in Culture » TV » News
America's Got Talented Jewish Judges...and More are on Their Way
NBC reality show looks to build on its success with...
Posted on 2012.08.15 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Howard Stern & WhatsYourPrice.com Announce 'Octomom' Contest
Win a free 7-day cruise for dating Octomom
Posted on 2012.07.03 by David Shear in Culture » TV » News
Edon Pinchot Makes the Final Twelve on America's Got Talent
Scott Brothers, David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, and Shanice and...
Posted on 2012.07.02 by David Shear in Culture » TV » News
Edon Pinchot Gets a Standing Ovation on America's Got Talent
14 year-old amazes judges and audience in first live show
Posted on 2012.06.26 by David Shear in Culture » TV » News
Edon Pinchot Makes it to Next Round of America's Got...
The Jewish Justin Bieber moves on to the live New...
Posted on 2012.06.08 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Gene Simmons & Lenny Kravitz Compete for Daddy Awards
On the Line hosts ‘Big Daddy’ awards in celebration of...
Posted on 2012.06.05 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Edon Pinchot Auditions for ‘America’s Got Talent’
Our ‘Jewish Justin Bieber’ got 3 yes’s at the Austin...
Posted on 2012.05.16 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Howard Stern & Steven Spielberg Join J.Lo, Bieber on Forbes...
Forbes releases it’s annual Celebrity 100 list with Bieber on...
Posted on 2012.05.16 by Sammy Hudes in News » World
QuAIA Plans to Return to Toronto Pride Parade
Anti-Israel group skipped parade in 2011 after mayor’s threats to...
Posted on 2012.05.11 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » TV » News
Howard Stern Bashes Britney Spears and JLo
In characteristic form, "King of All Media" couldn't hold his...
Posted on 2012.04.18 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Louis CK, Chelsea Handler, Netanyahu Land on Time 100
Time Magazine releases their annual list of the 100 most...
Posted on 2012.04.10 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Food » News
‘Faith and Fusion’ Promotes Cooking for Co-Existence
Chefs For Peace launches a unique culinary event to promote...
Posted on 2012.03.14 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Elle Macpherson Tells Howard Stern to Stop Being Jewish
The supermodel tells Howard Stern that he is too overprotective...
Posted on 2012.02.14 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » Interviews
Top 20 Under 40 - Jesse Sternberg
Toronto's Jesse Sternberg left a successful career in software development...
Posted on 2012.01.31 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Music » News
Edon Pinchot (Jewish Justin Bieber) Returns With ‘Good Life’
Edon is one year older and ten times more talented
Posted on 2012.01.25 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Sandra Bernhard Turned Down Sex and the City
The comedian told Howard Stern the script was terrible and...
Posted on 2012.01.24 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Chelsea Handler Finally Opens Up About 50 Cent
The comedian admits the couple broke up when 50 Cent...