Jewdyssee - This Aint Your Parents Old Yiddish Music

This German duo is out to prove that Yiddish music can be made modern and cool

Bedouin Soundclash Contest Interview

Shalom Life recently held a contest for a lucky fan to interview Bedouin Soundclash backstage before their concert in Toronto

Shalom Life Interviews Rap Star Mac Miller

Shalom Life recently had a chance to interview Mac Miller and talk about his new album, favorite Jewish food, and making a Hanukkah song with Drake.

James Franco Curates Airbnb Pop-Up Location in Los Angeles

Franco, Angelina Huston, Moby, Molly Sims and Lake Bell have curated spaces as a part of “Hello LA”

Natalie Portman “Freaks Out” Whenever She Sees Jennifer Grey at

The ‘Black Swan’ actress absolutely loves the ‘Dirty Dancing’ star

Happy 15th Birthday Google!

Fifteen years ago, two Stanford university students Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed a company that forever changed the way we interact with the world, and one another. Today we wish them both, and Googlers around the world, Mazel Tov!

Israel to Deport French Diplomat

Marion Fesneau-Castaing, who earlier this week punched an IDF soldier in the face, will be deported by the end of the year

Historian Says Hitler Offered Churchill Peace Deal in 1941

A new book discusses Rudolph Hess' solo mission to Britain, which claims he brought a treaty that would have the Nazis withdraw from Western Europe

What You Missed In The News: September 22 - 29

Our Top Stories this week include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joey King, Professor Raphael Mechoulam, Lena Dunham, and more

Take Responsibility for Your Own

The 19 year old sophomore sat on the exam table looking at the floor. A college student with obvious charm

The Stanford Prison Experiment at

In 1971, researchers set up a prison in the basement of Stanford University's Psychology Department. The idea was to

U.S. vs. Europe: Health Care

As I have tried to make abundantly clear the United States is the only country in the industrialized world that

Hands Off America

Alright, that does it.Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have been willing to do their part for

Fat Returns After Liposuction ...

A study appeared in a journal titled “Obesity” which was reported by a group from the University of Colorado. In

What does Victory Look Like?

Sixty-five years ago today, World War II officially came to an end. On September 2, 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister

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Posted on 2013.08.21 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Andy Samberg Joins Comedy Central’s James Franco Roast
The ‘SNL’ alum and Aziz Ansari join the already impressive...
Posted on 2013.08.20 by Graham Sigurdson in Business » World
Tel Aviv University and Hillel Argentina Launch Entrepreneurship Program
The program will focus on Jewish business values and bolstering...
Posted on 2013.08.14 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » TV » News
Sarah Silverman and Jonah Hill Will Roast James Franco
Bill Hadar, Hill, Silverman, Nick Kroll, and others join Seth...
Posted on 2013.07.25 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
High School-Aged Drake Gives Tour of His Childhood Home [VIDEO]
Join ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ star Aubrey Graham (now rap...
Posted on 2013.06.25 by Akiva Novick in News » World
New Ruling Grants Women Right To Say Kaddish
Orthodox rabbis of Beit Hllel say they've found halachic sources...
Posted on 2013.06.24 by Ashley Baylen in News » World
Monica Lewinsky’s Personal Items Included in Clinton’s Impeachment Being Auctioned...
A collection of 32 items is being sold on June...
Posted on 2013.06.12 by Jake Horowitz in Culture » Film » Reviews
FILM REVIEW: 'This is The End' is to Judd Apatow...
'This is the End' is a killer directorial debut for...
Posted on 2013.06.11 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » Film » News
James Franco Discusses Playing “James Franco” [VIDEO]
The 35-year-old plays a variation of himself in the apocalyptic...
Posted on 2013.06.06 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Jonah Hill is “Prideful”, “Serious”, and Won’t Answer “Dumb Questions”...
The ‘This is The End’ star throws Rolling Stone interviewer...
Posted on 2013.05.29 by Anthony Marcusa in Culture » Film » News
Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Wonder “What Happens to the...
The writing partners talk about ‘This is the End’, being...
Posted on 2013.05.27 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » Film » News
Scarlett Johansson Tipped to Play Hillary Clinton in ‘Rodham’ Biopic
The film will follow a 26-year-old Clinton as she works...
Posted on 2013.05.08 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » TV » News
Adam Levine & Jordan Feldstein Sign Development Deal at NBC
The 34-year-old and his producing parnter, Jordan Feldstein, will create...
Posted on 2013.05.08 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Film » News
‘Spiderman’s’ Andrew Garfield Joins New Martin Scorsese Film
Garfield will star in ‘Silence’, a film about religious persecution...
Posted on 2013.04.17 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
‘90210’ and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Star, Ian Ziering, to...
The 49-year old actor is set to strip off his...
Posted on 2013.04.15 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Jonah Hill Joins Emma Watson in ‘Fifty Shades of...
The ‘Superbad’ actor’s safe word is tangerine.
Posted on 2013.04.01 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Film » News
Rogen & Franco Release ‘Pineapple Express 2’ Trailer for April...
Too bad it’s a fake trailer…
Posted on 2013.03.28 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Kim Kardashian Keeps Kosher?
The reality star loves matzo brei from Nate ‘n Al’s...
Posted on 2013.03.21 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » Film » News
Seth Rogen to Re-Team With James Franco in ‘The Interview’
The satirical comedy was written by Rogen, and longtime collaborator...
Posted on 2013.01.28 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » Society » News
Speed Dating for LGBT Jews Just in Times For Valentine’s...
Feb. 7th marks the 3rd annual LGBT Jewish speed dating...
Posted on 2013.01.24 by Kari Pickering in Culture » Film » News
Daniel Radcliffe Uses Heavy Metal to Prepare for Role
The 'Horns' star had to find his demonic side