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Action Bronson Shares A Somewhat Tense Meal with Chicago Legend Mike Ditka [VIDEO]

The Queens rapper travels all over the world on the latest episode of 'F**k, That's Delicious!'

By: Daniel Koren

Published: November 4th, 2014 in Sports » Local

Photo Caption: Action Bronson and Mike Ditka on 'Fuck, that's Delicious!'

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Not only is Action Bronson, in our opinion, the best Jewish rapper around (though Mac Miller has been stepping up his game recently), he's also a culinary food expert, exploring his knowledge of fine-dining and cuisine on his newest food show, hosted by the Vice-operated Munchies, called Fuck, That's Delicious!

The name pretty much says it all.

On the show, the Flushing, Queens rapper shows off his culinary chops as he travels around the world trying different kinds of food. What separates the show from Food Network shows like Diners, Dine-Ins & Dives, or Chopped! is, firstly, the obscene amount of expletives that Action uses, but also, the overall nature of the show, which is obviously catered to a hipper, younger, rap-conscious, pot-smoking demographic.

On the latest episode, him and his good friend/fellow rapper Meyhem Lauren travel to Venice, Italy to Copenhagen, Denmark to Chicago, United States. It's concerning the latter where the episode gets its most memorable highlight, when Bronsolini makes his way to Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka's restaurant, Ditka's.

Ditka can be seen sitting at a table with his wife, Diana, when Action shakes their hands and sits down with them. Ditka, known affectionately throughout the city of Chicago as 'Coach,' barely takes his eyes of the TV screen, as Action tries to engage him in conversation.

Ditka doesn't seem to know what Vice is, nor much about rap. He tells him, somewhat pretentiously, that he has a guy singing at his restaurant, but that he does "Sinatra, not rap." He doesn't seem too impressed when Action responds that he loves Sinatra as well.

Mind you, the two do seem to get along when the smorgasbord of food arrives - including an intense-looking hotdog, oysters, pot roast nachos, and porkchops.

There's one point, after Action asks Ditka if eats like this every night - to which he responds with a simple "no" - that the look on the rapper's face is so priceless.

Watch the whole segment below; the Ditka part begins at around the 14-minute mark.

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