Shalom Life | July 01, 2014

Israeli Ambassador Calls New York Times Editorial An "Embarrassment to Journalism"

Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., questions the integrity of the Times article, "Four Horrific Killings"

By: Daniel Koren

Published: July 9th, 2014 in News » World

On Monday, the New York Times published an editorial called “Four Horrific Killings.” You can read it here.

Subsequent to this occurrence, Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, pegged a response that he calls “5 Reasons Why New York Times Editorial Today Is An Embarrassment To Journalism,” which he posted on Buzzfeed.

Throughout this response, Dermer points out several key factors that the Times (perhaps intentionally?) omitted from their article, shedding a massive light on the bias represented in certain media outlets.

In a nutshell, Dermer makes it pretty clear that you can’t trust everything you read.

See his five reasons below:

1. The New York Times writes that “after days of near silence,” Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the murder of a Palestinian teenager on Sunday. But Netanyahu called the murder “reprehensible” on Wednesday, the day it occurred, and the next day, in his first public appearance since the murder, again forcefully condemned the killing on prime-time national television . Early July 4th weekend for the entire New York Times editorial board?

2. The New York Times omits that Prime Minister Netanyahu called the father of the murdered boy yesterday to personally express his outrage and condemnation. Maybe the New York Times didn’t get that press release?

3. The New York Times gives numerous examples of hate rhetoric on the margins of Israeli society – rhetoric that has been strongly condemned and rejected by Israel’s political leaders. The New York Times writes Palestinians have also been guilty of hate speech, but neglects to mention that Palestinian incitement is government backed, that Palestinian Authority leaders hail terrorists as heroes, name public squares after them and teach schoolchildren to emulate them. For daily dose of government-backed Palestinian incitement, check out – Palestinian Media Watch . No summer interns in the New York Times research department this year?

4. The New York Times omits the seemingly relevant matter of President Abbas forging a unity pact with Hamas, a terror organization whose charter calls for the murder of all Jews and whose leadership celebrated the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teens and called for more kidnappings . News not fit to print?

5. The New York Times fails to mention that a million Israelis were in bomb shelters yesterday as 100 rockets were fired at our civilian population. Maybe the New York Times editorial board will download to their smartphones Israel Red Alert , an app that sends an alert when and where a rocket is fired at Israel. It will only take 15 seconds to download, as much time as the people of Sderot and other Israeli towns in Southern Israel have to run for cover.

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