Jewdyssee – This Aint Your Parents Old Yiddish Music

This German duo is out to prove that Yiddish music can be made modern and cool

Bedouin Soundclash Contest Interview

Shalom Life recently held a contest for a lucky fan to interview Bedouin Soundclash backstage before their concert in Toronto

Shalom Life Interviews Rap Star Mac Miller

Shalom Life recently had a chance to interview Mac Miller and talk about his new album, favorite Jewish food, and making a Hanukkah song with Drake.

Exclusive Interview with Omri Casspi

Interview with Israeli born, NBA Star, Casspi

Interview w/ NJ Nets Star Jordan Farmar

Exclusive Shalom Life interview with New Jersey Nets star Jordan Farmar

Hip Hop Chanukah with Chabad Flamingo

Megan Boys Entertainment present Hip Hop Chanukah

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Worth $66k

The US State Attorney’s office believes the actress is entitled $66k for having her privacy invaded

Edon Pinchot Makes it to Next Round of America’s Got

The Jewish Justin Bieber moves on to the live New York shows

At age 95, Kirk Douglas is about to Become a

Legendary Jewish actor to have another Bar Mitzvah this December

Casey Abrams Releases Album, Creates Inflammatory Bowel Disease Music Video

The Season 10 American Idol star has debuted his first album

German Court Bans Circumcision of Young Boys

Jewish and Muslim groups outraged over ruling

Great News: According to Iran, There are no Jewish Drug

Bad News: Apparently, Jews are responsible for the global drug trade

Take Responsibility for Your Own

The 19 year old sophomore sat on the exam table looking at the floor. A college student with obvious charm

The Stanford Prison Experiment at

In 1971, researchers set up a prison in the basement of Stanford University’s Psychology Department. The idea was to

U.S. vs. Europe: Health Care

As I have tried to make abundantly clear the United States is the only country in the industrialized world that

Hands Off America

Alright, that does it.Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have been willing to do their part for

Fat Returns After Liposuction …

A study appeared in a journal titled “Obesity” which was reported by a group from the University of Colorado. In

What does Victory Look Like?

Sixty-five years ago today, World War II officially came to an end. On September 2, 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister

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Posted on 2012.05.11 by Culture Staff in Culture » Society » News
JUMP Gets Couples Hitched
Hitch speed dating brings Jewish singles together
Posted on 2012.05.11 by Jessica Pallay in News » World
Discovering Our Jewish Roots in Greece
History of the Jewish-Greek Community Needs to be Shared
Posted on 2012.05.10 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Good News, Ladies! The Bachelor 2012 Deadline Extended to May…
You have 8 more days to submit an application to…
Posted on 2012.05.09 by Sammy Hudes in News » Israel
Conservative Movement in Israel Approves Gay Rabbis
Schechter Rabbinical Seminary will accept gay and lesbian students next…
Posted on 2012.05.07 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » TV » News
Lena Dunham: ‘Girls’ Isn’t Racist, It’s Honest
Lena Dunham addresses the criticism ‘Girls’ has received due to…
Posted on 2012.05.07 by David Shear in News » World
According to Medical Geneticist, Jews are an Actual Race
Book sheds light on just who is a Jew
Posted on 2012.05.07 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Mila Kunis Fled Ukraine to Escape Hatred & Anti-Semitism
The ‘Friends With Benefits’ actress opens up about her Jewish…
Posted on 2012.05.07 by News Staff in News » World
Antisemitic Elements Contained in Toronto Madrassah’s Curriculum
Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs Responds to “Treacherous Jews”…
Posted on 2012.05.05 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Top 10 Jewish Marvel & DC Comics’ Superheroes
In celebration of The Avengers, Shalom Life has compiled a…
Posted on 2012.05.04 by Daniel Horowitz in Culture » Film » News
The “Jewish” Avengers Lands in Theatres
Jews Play a big Role in Saving the Universe
Posted on 2012.05.04 by David Shear in Culture » Society » News
Forget Marvel, Meet the Real Avengers
Some superheroes are fictional, these ones were real.
Posted on 2012.05.04 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » TV » News
Bart Simpson’s Jewish Exes Returning to the Show
Natalie Portman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Sarah Silverman will return…
Posted on 2012.05.03 by Leonard Carl in News » World
Egyptian-Jewish Businessman says Coca-Cola Egypt Won’t Compensate him for Land
Coke’s refusal to Negotiate Leaves a Bad Taste in Family’s…
Posted on 2012.05.02 by Daniel Horowitz in News » World
Celebrating Israel’s 64th Birthday North of Steeles Avenue
Two Yom Ha’atzmaut Events Fill the Air with Pride and…
Posted on 2012.05.01 by Daniel Horowitz in News » World
Volunteers Jumping Through Hoops to Help At-Risk Israeli Youth
Hoops 4 Israel back for its Sixth Year
Posted on 2012.04.30 by Sarah Bauder in Culture » Society » News
Jewish American Heritage Month Commences on May 1
The national month of recognition celebrates over 350 years of…
Posted on 2012.04.30 by Daniel Horowitz in News » World
Jewish Toronto Says Goodbye to a “Gute Neshame”
Janice Freedman’s tragic passing leaves a wide circle of grief
Posted on 2012.04.30 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Food » News
10 Best Kosher (or Kosher-Style) Food Trucks
Food trucks are the new black. Find out which gourmet…
Posted on 2012.04.27 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Top 10 Jewish Fashion Designers (5 we Love, 5 to…
Did you know some of your favorite fashion designers were…