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Top 50 Hottest Jewish Men of 2013 (40-31)

Join Shalom Life in celebrating the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and beautiful Jewish men of the year.

By: Ashley Baylen

Published: July 24th, 2013 in Culture » Society » News

Top 50 Hottest Jewish Men of 2013 (40-31)

Welcome to Shalom Life’s 2nd annual JILF list. Over the past 5 days, we have embraced (not literally, unfortunately) the 50 most beautiful Jewish women in the world, but what about all the male Hebrew hotties? Let us celebrate them as well with another 5 days of Jewlicious beauties.

We understand that beauty is oft times indescribable, inexpressible, and ineffable, and always in the eye of the beholder. Some people focus entirely on physical attractiveness, while others delve a little deeper, finding attraction in intellect, talent, personality, and a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Therefore, selecting 50 men that perfectly encapsulate all that is considered beautiful (or handsome) might seem like a daunting challenge. Fortunately, there are countless Jewish men that fit the description, making it nearly impossible to narrow it down, but after a lot of consideration, we think we nailed it.

Allow us to present 2013’s Male JILF list,. First catch up on #50-41, then find out who made #40-31 below.


Age: 37

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: Intimate Apparel, Midnight in Paris, House of Cards

Why he’s a JILF: Born and raised in a Jewish home in New York’s Upper West Side, Corey has been pursuing acting since he was a young child. After graduating from Oberlin College, he took the Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts. After landing numerous small roles in films like North Country, Lucky Number Slevin, and Salt, he landed a regular gig on NBC’s Law & Order: LA. In 2011, he portrayed Ernest Hemingway in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, which led to his current lead role in Emmy-nominated Netflix series, House of Cards. Look out for him next in Guillermo del Toro’s new vampire horror show for FX entitled The Strain.


Age: 41

Hometown: London, England

Known for: Borat, Da Ali G Show, Bruno, The Dictator, Les Miserables

Why he’s a JILF: Sacha was born in London to an Israeli mother and Welsh father in a Jewish household. He doesn’t consider himself a religious Jew, but he speaks fluent Hebrew, lived on a Kibbutz, tries to keep kosher, and occasionally attends synagogue. Sacha’s acting career began while attending Cambridge University, appearing in several plays including Fiddler on the Roof and Cyrano de Bergerac. After university, Sacha worked as a fashion model until he landed a gig as a television presenter for Channel 4 with a video audition in the character of fictional television reporter, Kristo (later developed into Borat). After playing several other characters including Bruno and Ali G on Channel 4’s The 11 O’Clock Show, he was given Da Ali G Show. Ali G’s interviews with famous public figures (Ralph Nadar, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, and Gore Vidal, to name a few) garnered a lot of controversy and international fame for Sacha. Although he is best known for the stunts his alter ego’s pull, Sacha is a talented comedian, performer, and family man. Catch him next in Anchorman: The Legend Continues.


Age: 30

Hometown: Lake Wales, Florida

Known for: Power forward for New York Knicks, series of Scholastic children’s books

Why he’s a JILF: Amar’e’s upbringing could be defined as difficult. His parents divorced when he was quite young, his father passed away when he was 12, and his mother spent several years on and off in prison. Amar’e didn’t start playing basketball until he was 14, but quickly proved himself in high school, earning several awards and honors and was selected as Mr. Basketball for the state of Florida. He was selected in the first round with the ninth overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns who he played with for eight seasons until switching to the New York Knicks where he currently plays. Three years ago, Amar’e started exploring his Hebrew routes, stating “I have been aware since my youth that I am a Hebrew through my mother, and that is something that has played a subtle but important role in my development.” He visited Israel in order to seek a better understanding of his Jewish heritage, and has since coached at the Maccabiah Games, appeared on Shalom Sesame, learned a bit of Hebrew, and got a Star of David tattoo. Rumor have it that he may procure Jerusalem’s Hapoel basketball team. In addition to all basketball related endeavors, Amar’e owns a record label, clothing line, and wrote a series of children’s books for Scholastic.


Age: 40

Hometown: Queens, New York

Known for: The Pianist, Brothers Bloom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Midnight in Paris

Why he’s a JILF:Adrien was raised without a strong connection to religion with a Jewish father and Catholic mother. As a child, Adrien performed as a magician at children’s birthday parties under the name ‘The Amazing Adrien’. His parents enrolled him in acting classes, landing him in an Off-Broadway play by the age of 13, and he’s been acting steadily since. Adrien received widespread recognition when he was cast as the lead in roman Polanski’s The Pianist. Known for his versatility, Adrien followed up The Pianist with Dummy, The Village, King Kong, and Hollywoodland- all very different roles. Adrien made his fashion runway debut at a Prada show last year and was named ambassador for the Gillette Fusion ProGuide Styler. Look out for him next in Third Person and Motor City.


Age: 38

Hometown: South Orange, New Jersey

Known for: Garden State, Scrubs, Oz: The Great and Powerful

Why he’s a JILF: Zach was raised in a Conservative Jewish home in Jersey. Diagnosed with OCD at the age of 10, Zach channeled all his energy into his school’s television station and worked towards his life’s dream of being a filmmaker. Zach’s breakthrough role was in 2001 as J.D on Scrubs. He didn’t achieve his life’s dream until 2004 when he released Garden State, officially making him a professional filmmaker. Not only did he fulfill his goals, he received critical acclaim and several awards and nominations. He has since acted in several feature films including The Last Kiss, The Ex, Tar, and Oz: The Great and Powerful. In April, he raised the necessary funds via Kickstarter for Wish I Was Here, his directorial follow-up to Garden State, in which he will also write and star.

Check out #35-31 on our JILF list on page 2!

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