Jewdyssee – This Aint Your Parents Old Yiddish Music

This German duo is out to prove that Yiddish music can be made modern and cool

Bedouin Soundclash Contest Interview

Shalom Life recently held a contest for a lucky fan to interview Bedouin Soundclash backstage before their concert in Toronto

Shalom Life Interviews Rap Star Mac Miller

Shalom Life recently had a chance to interview Mac Miller and talk about his new album, favorite Jewish food, and making a Hanukkah song with Drake.

Exclusive Interview with Omri Casspi

Interview with Israeli born, NBA Star, Casspi

Interview w/ NJ Nets Star Jordan Farmar

Exclusive Shalom Life interview with New Jersey Nets star Jordan Farmar

Hip Hop Chanukah with Chabad Flamingo

Megan Boys Entertainment present Hip Hop Chanukah

Obama Wins 2012 Election, According to ‘South Park’

The animated shows post-election episode is titled ‘Obama Wins!’

Mila Kunis Joining CW With Women’s Lib Drama

The ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ actress is set to execute produce ‘Meridian Hills’

Exclusive Interview With the Girls of ‘HAIM’

San Fernando Valley’s HAIM (the band) join SL to discuss playing music with family, future plans, and Dash’s plan to change his last name.

Dianna Agron, Sarah Silverman & Others React to Obama’s Win

What did Obama’s supporters have to say about this tight race?

Disney Announces ‘Boy Meets World’ Reboot, Not True to Original

Disney Channel’s new program ‘Girl Meets World’ is already maddening the original shows’ hardcore fans.

Jonah Hill and Leonardo Dicaprio Face Off in Voting Video

The Wolf of Wall Street co-stars banter in new election video

Take Responsibility for Your Own

The 19 year old sophomore sat on the exam table looking at the floor. A college student with obvious charm

The Stanford Prison Experiment at

In 1971, researchers set up a prison in the basement of Stanford University’s Psychology Department. The idea was to

U.S. vs. Europe: Health Care

As I have tried to make abundantly clear the United States is the only country in the industrialized world that

Hands Off America

Alright, that does it.Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have been willing to do their part for

Fat Returns After Liposuction …

A study appeared in a journal titled “Obesity” which was reported by a group from the University of Colorado. In

What does Victory Look Like?

Sixty-five years ago today, World War II officially came to an end. On September 2, 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister

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Posted on 2012.11.07 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Music » Interviews
Exclusive Interview With the Girls of ‘HAIM’
San Fernando Valley’s HAIM (the band) join SL to discuss…
Posted on 2012.11.01 by Kari Pickering in Culture » Society » News
Ben Stiller Advocates Sandy Rehabilitation
Stiller has reached out to Twitter fans for Sandy aid.
Posted on 2012.11.01 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Lindsay Lohan Blames Hitler Tweet on Hackers
The actress deleted a Hitler-related tweet and blames Hackers for…
Posted on 2012.10.22 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Lea Michele Excited by Pregnancy Rumors
The ‘Glee’ star tweets to fans that she’s “finally made…
Posted on 2012.10.22 by Elana Widmann in Business » Israel
Israeli Company Turns Your Social Media Feeds into TV Show
Stevie is a startup hatched in the Microsoft Accelerator program
Posted on 2012.10.21 by David Shear in News » World
French Anti-Semitic Comments Will be Removed by Twitter
Social network threatened with legal action
Posted on 2012.10.18 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Drake Graduates From High School
The Toronto-born rapper couldn’t be happier
Posted on 2012.10.15 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » TV » News
Ryan Murphy Teases Dianna Agron ‘Glee’ Spin-Off
Could Dianna Agron & Naya Rivera star in a spin-off…
Posted on 2012.10.11 by Kari Pickering in Culture » Society » News
Lena Dunham Endorses Obama, Supports Marriage Equality
The Girls’ creator wants to "party at her sister’s future…
Posted on 2012.10.04 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » Interviews
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Presidential Candidate, Roseanne Barr
Roseanne talks Peace and Freedom, Israel, Marijuana, Anti-Semitism and the…
Posted on 2012.10.04 by Leonard Carl in News » World
Twitter Being Used to Spread Lies About the Holocaust
Founder of Free Gaza Movement Tweets “Zionists Operated the Concentration…
Posted on 2012.09.26 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Neil Young Joins Twitter, Only Follows Judd Apatow
The folk singer joins the social network to promote upcoming…
Posted on 2012.09.20 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Teen Girl Mag Wants President Obama For ‘Ask a Grown…
Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Mag has some questions for the President
Posted on 2012.09.18 by Culture Staff in Culture » Society » News
Drake Celebrates Rosh Hashanah With Friends
The Jewish rapper shared a photo on Instagram depicting his…
Posted on 2012.09.05 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Seth Rogen Wants to Audition for the Role of Tom…
The actor jokes in regards to the recently published Vanity…
Posted on 2012.09.04 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Film » News
Porn Star James Deen to Star in ‘Fifty Shades of…
Screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis confirms that James Deen is shortlisted…
Posted on 2012.08.23 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Roseanne Barr Warns of ‘Jewish Mind Control’
The Peace and Freedom candidate let’s her anti-Semitism shine through
Posted on 2012.08.17 by Sammy Hudes in Culture » Society » News
It’s Not News Unless It’s Jews News
Shalom Life speaks with founder of most popular Jewish Facebook…
Posted on 2012.08.01 by Sammy Hudes in News » Israel
Morsy’s Peaceful Letter to Israel in Dispute
Egypt denies its’ President sent the letter, but President Peres…
Posted on 2012.07.23 by Ashley Baylen in Culture » Society » News
Jason Alexander Gets Death Threats After Dark Knight Rises Massacre…
The former ‘Seinfeld’ star received many threats after publically expressing…