About Us

Shalom Life’s mission is to share, discuss and inspire our readers with stories about Jewish culture and life.

Shalom Life launched in 2009 and has become Canada’s largest independent Jewish news source dedicated to covering culture, arts, society, technology, business, and general news, both locally and internationally.

In late 2011 Shalom Life expanded its operations into the U.S. with localization of an American site and presence in Los Angeles. Shalom Life plans to open offices across the United States providing local content from all major cities.

Shalom Life’s content has also been syndicated on some of the world’s top publications including ABC News, USA Today, Forbes, Macleans, National Post, Ynet and many more, helping expand it’s reach to millions of other readers.

Our Writers and Editors

Daniel Koren – News Editor
Ashley Baylen – Culture Editor
Sammy Hudes – News Writer
Leonard Carl – News Writer
David Shear – News/Culture Writer
Sarah Bauder – Culture Writer
Nelly Lalany – Culture Writer
Ilan Mester – Culture Writer